Fortnite: 5,000 V-Bucks | GLOBAL | 100 % LEGIT

Купить Fortnite: 5,000 V-Bucks | GLOBAL | 100 % LEGIT

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Стоимость товара:
На товар предоставляется скидка постоянным покупателям. Если общая сумма покупок товара больше чем:
😶 Скидка отсутствует
Be Aware : If You Play on a Console (PSN ,Nintendo,...) V-Bucks Will NOT be Shown on Your Account, Instead, It will show in Your EPICGAMES Account ! (it Means Its Hidden and You Can´t Use it Unless You Use a PC or Mobile !)
3️⃣ after payment you will receive a unique 16-digit code.
4️⃣ Report the 16-digit code to ME
1- Disable 2FA ( 2 Step Authentication ) WE WILL NOT ACTIVATE ANY ORDER WITH 2FA ACTIVE
2- For Now we Only Support "EpicGames(PC,Mobile) Also Xbox"
3- If You Play on a Console , you MUST have an Epicgames Account Linked (Instruction For How To Link Down Below At The End of Page)
4- We active your Order Manually And Its not Automatic
5- V-Bucks We Buy for You Is Completely Legal and You dont Need to Be worry about getting Banned or any related issues.

How It works and what you need to do ?!
1- Enter Your Epicgames or PSN Email & Password
2- Enter Which Platform you play on (Epicgames or PSN)
3- Our Work Hour is 18Hrs a days No holiday > We online 09.00am-12.00pm GMT+6
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